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Fantasy World Tarot Limited Edition only 100 copies in Wooden Box


Fantasy World Tarot Deck

Complete Deck of 78 cards
Artwork by Vera Petruk
Produced Silver Cat Editions

Special Edition in Wooden Box

Limited Edition Numbered only 100 copies




Fantasy World Tarot Deck in Wooden Box

Special edition in a beautiful wooden box completely artistically handmade, with a special card in addition, also in a limited edition. plus some nice gifts.
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A charming trip to the world of Fantasy and Magic framed into the enigmatic hierarchy of the Tarot. There are Tarot number, card title, character name and zodiac symbol relevant to the card on each illustration. The colorful deck was created with love to the mythology and fairy tales, all the images are concrete but very fabulous and have layered meaning as Tarot cards. Let the breath of imagination flow through your veins!


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